Every company, organisation or group with the ability to inspire, starts with a person or a small group of people who were inspired to do something bigger than themselves Simon Sinek


All my life I have felt like the underdog. Constantly having to prove myself. Sport was my outlet for acceptance and I excelled in football, basketball and GAA, despite lacking any genetic advantages. I had the honour of representing the Dublin Senior Football team for 15 years beginning in 1995. Despite winning the All-Ireland in my first year, I once looked upon my playing career as a failure as I was never to win another All-Ireland.

I now reflect on my experience in sports as an education in motivation, focus and application. These years helped me build determination, resilience and character, as well as developing skills in Innovative thinking and teamwork. Through completing an MBA, I identified the performance traits that allowed me to be the best that I could be in my playing career. The MBA process showed me how these same traits could be applied to improve performance in other areas of society.

My beliefs in this area have been demonstrated to me over the last three years with my involvement in the Dublin Senior Football management team. Our strategy, planning and execution have led to the team winning the All-Ireland title three years in a row, becoming the first team to do so in the modern era.

Although I lacked formal coaching experience, I looked to my core beliefs and my MBA business insights for guidance. I equated the role with working in a Senior Management position for a company; I would have ownership and autonomy in dealing with a department but ultimately would align my strategy with the CEO’s vision and culture. My involvement has contributed to continued growth and success for a highly skilled team, despite a competitive environment.


I want to work with your employees to maximise their potential, to motivate them, and to encourage them to work in integrated teams to achieve the best results. I have created my own process and methodology, which I call my DUBS Model©, that can improve performance of individuals or organisations based in the business, sporting or education sectors.

My DUBS Model© allows me to connect and collaborate with teams and individuals to reflect upon, challenge and improve their performance. Every organisation has different objectives and challenges. I will customise the programme to suit your organisation’s culture and needs. Your employees will be offered assessments, workshops, coaching and mentoring that will identify individual and team potential. Your team will:

  • learn how to work as part of a high performance team
  • develop their skills in communication
  • discover how to sustain their performance into the future
  • be motivated to achieve success
  • recognise the synergy that can be attained by working in cross-functional groups


For employees, being the best they can be is much more than just the set of specific skills they use to do their job. Their emotional and physical wellness is a major factor in them achieving success. This is a very important component of the programmes I deliver. I have a pool of associates who are experts in organisational psychology and physical wellness, and who can be included in the programmes as appropriate. The programmes I deliver include but are not limited to:

  • Achieving Team and Organisational Goals
  • Working towards Success
  • Managing Performance
  • Effective Team Working
  • Team Communication
  • Strategy and Improvement Planning
  • Developing Leadership Potential
  • Synergy within Cross-Functional Teams
  • Motivation